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Fabrizio Carboni

Professional skipper STCW'95 authorized by the harbor master's office registered in the first category of seafarers with the title of "manager of pleasure boats used for rental", FIV sailing instructor, English title of "Yacht master offshore" with commercial endorsement and French professional title IMO "capitane 200 voile"

This passion for the sea was passed on to me by my father, with whom I sailed since I was a child. I have always loved the world of boats, this is how I turned this passion into a job. I love sharing my passion with new people and trying to convey to our guests the beauty of life at sea and sailing cruises.

I have sailed extensively in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean which I have crossed several times, for pleasure and for work, I also actively participate in the mini 650 regatta circuit, with the aim of qualifying to participate in the famous singlehanded transatlantic Minitransat regatta in 2025. Visit my website https://fabriziocarboniminitransat.com/

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Tania Provenzi

On-board hostess of "Toshuga", registered in the first category of seafarers STCW'95 and authorized by the harbor master's office.

"I have been working in the world of professional sailing and charter sailing for many years, in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. The sailing boat is not only my workplace, but it is also my home because I have lived there since 2007. I have sailed in the Mediterranean and crossed the Atlantic Ocean several times. I love cooking and my guests will always find a delicious dish on their table."

Why spend a day with us?

We have been sailing professionally for charter and as a couple for over fifteen years, so we know perfectly the needs and desires of our customers and people who come on holiday on board a sailing boat.

We are charter and sailing professionals, with professional titles and international qualifications. We sail all year round between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.

Our catamaran is always perfectly maintained and constantly improved to guarantee you total comfort. The on-board kitchen is Tania's domain and offers excellent seafood or land recipes every day, without forgetting to satisfy everyone's tastes and needs, adults and children.

Why choose a catamaran excursion?

The catamaran is a boat equipped with 2 hulls with a double width compared to a sailing boat of the same size, it clearly offers double stability, and a much less accentuated movement compared to a normal boat, thus allowing you not to suffer from seasickness .

The other advantages of the catamaran are its large surface available for lying down, the two bow nets suspended over the water, the comfortable cushions present on the sunbathing areas as well as a shaded area at the stern.

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